Mayor Pradel and me

Home is the word that has always meant Naperville to me.  Family, friends, my family business are what hold me here.  But it is the heart of this place that makes me want to work to ensure that the Naperville I love will continue to be a city where everyone can find a home no matter your age, income and background.    Six generations of my family have lived here; raised children, bought homes, received great educations, worked hard and thrived to build a better life and a better place.  Yes Naperville is no longer that small farm town from 1875-it is a city of over 140, 000 residents.  Yet it is a place to still feel the heart and soul of its small town roots.  This is the Naperville I want to ensure continues-but also builds for more tomorrows-tomorrows that see a city that gives everyone a fair chance to make this place a home in all its truest meaning-the place that is preferable to all others. 

WHY I WANT TO RUN FOR CITY COUNCIL:   I have always believed in service- whether it was my industry regionally/nationally or my local community-both in business and non-profit involvement.  I truly care about this city and want to see this place that has been home to 6 generations of my family continue to thrive and be home to people from all backgrounds and economic situations.  A place where everyone can find a place to call home in all of its best meaning.

I started working in my family’s drugstore-Oswald’s Pharmacy when I was 11 years old.  As a 5th generation independent business owner in Naperville I have traveled all over the US and other Countries as the President of the American Booksellers Association.  What I have seen not only at home but in so many other places is that communities that are home to numerous locally owned businesses are more prosperous, sustainable and resilient than those in which much of the economy is controlled by a few big corporations.  Putting your money where your heart is—supporting local can make this a community that thrives, survives, and builds home.


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