• Budget shortfall and saving for the next economic hard time.  We need to make sure we are prepared for the future and spend more responsibly and transparently.

• Making this city more affordable for the young and retired. Many retirees and young people cannot afford to live or buy homes in our city, as a result we are losing diversity.
• Making Naperville a better environment for independent entrepreneurial businesses.       Locally owned businesses contribute more to our local economy, create more jobs and build a better community.  

• Downtown Naperville future development, parking shortages and alcohol consumption and permits. The downtown continues to draw people to Naperville to shop, dine, and be entertained. Traffic and parking are paramount.   We need to make it more amenable and convenient for all.  

• Create more vibrant shopping districts in south Naperville.  Work with the Naperville Development Partnership to recognize those areas/sectors and work to fill the many vacant retail/office spaces around the city.